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The Rowan Wristwatch Review

The Rowan, handmade wooden wristwatch

Introducing The Rowan -
Elegance Meets Sustainability

In a world where simplicity and sustainability are becoming increasingly appreciated, we proudly introduce a wristwatch that elegantly marries these two values – The Rowan. 

This wristwatch is an impressive creation by the remarkable Nottingham-based company, The Sustainable Watch Co.

the rowan face

Handmade from recycled natural wood furniture, The Rowan is the epitome of understated sophistication. 

It features an unpretentious dial, making it an ideal everyday accessory. 

Its watchband marries the deep brown hues of Red Sandalwood with the sophisticated black of Ebony, highlighted by silver accents that add to its allure.

Yet, its charm isn’t confined to aesthetics.

The Rowan is an embodiment of reliable functionality, promising precise timekeeping with its Japanese Quartz movement, and a 3ATM water resistance.

The Sustainable Watch Co -
Pioneers in Sustainable Luxury

The Sustainable Watch Co – Crafting Time, Preserving Nature

In the bustling world of watchmaking, The Sustainable Watch Co stands apart with its distinctive mission. Not just creators of exquisite timepieces, they’re pioneers leading a sustainable revolution in luxury.

This UK-based company has charted its course with an unwavering commitment towards environmental responsibility. 

Every wristwatch they craft is a token of this ethos. The Rowan, like all their creations, is handmade from recycled natural wood furniture, a testament to sustainable luxury. It doesn’t stop at production, either. 

  • The company offsets 250kg of carbon and plants 10 trees with every order, a powerful stride towards a greener future.
  • The Sustainable Watch Co goes the extra mile in its eco-friendly endeavors, maximizing the use of sustainable materials, offering carbon-neutral shipping, and running a Climate Positive workforce. 
  • Moreover, they also donate 1% of their sales to charity, adding a layer of social responsibility to their brand ethos.
Sustainable watch company has committed to planting 1 tree with every order!

Going Beyond Luxury: The Rowan's Contribution to Sustainability

Indeed, buying a watch from this remarkable brand isn’t just about owning a unique timepiece with a unique grain pattern and colour tone. 

It’s about dressing up or down with a style that compliments Mother Nature, about being a part of a movement that’s buying Mother Nature some time, and ultimately, it’s about wearing your commitment to sustainability on your wrist.

The Sustainable Watch Co. breathes life into their belief that luxury can coexist with sustainability, and The Rowan is a compelling embodiment of that vision. 

A timepiece from this company doesn’t just tell the time; it narrates the tale of a greener, kinder world.

Our Endorsement for The Sustainable Watch Co

Having sported The Sustainable Watch Co’s unique timepieces on various occasions, I can confidently say that each one is a conversation-starter, turning heads with their distinctive aesthetics. 

The sensation of the crafted wood against the skin feels organic and rooted, much like their mission. My everyday companion, The Rowan, subtly champions sustainability. 

The Redwood, with its striking blend of hues, impeccably accentuates my professional attire. For those special events, I find myself drawn to The Sandalwood, its allure undeniable. 

Wearing these watches, I feel a personal connection to the brand’s eco-conscious ethos, and it inspires me to advocate for our planet. 

Their watches are more than just timekeepers; they are a call to action – a reminder that we can make sustainable choices in style.

Time to Make a Sustainable Statement, Gentlemen

The moment is now. It’s time to showcase your style with a conscious nod to sustainability.

Experience The Rowan, a fine balance of design, craftsmanship, and ecological mindfulness. 

Take the step towards an eco-friendly fashion choice. Visit our store and let The Rowan articulate your care for the world, right on your wrist. 

Make every tick count, make every moment matter, in style and in sustainability.

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The Rowan, handmade wooden wristwatch

The Rowan Wristwatch Review

Introducing The Rowan – Elegance Meets Sustainability In a world where simplicity and sustainability are becoming increasingly appreciated, we proudly introduce a wristwatch that elegantly

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